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#1 Visible Satisfaction Score on your website makes customers trust you immediately

Your customers satisfactions are tracked through the Smileys on your satisfaction widget which also shows your customer satisfaction score.

Your customer satisfaction score is calculated based from all the satisfaction tracking methods you choose to use.

#2 You'll get more good reviews and avoid the bad ones

If your customers are happy, they’re being activated into spreading their satisfaction on media by your choosing, or submit Quick Feedback, that only the store can see.

If a customer is unhappy they are being send directly to the Biggrey system, where they can submit a case, which can be compared to a complaint. They can also submit Quick Feedback that only the store can see.

#3 Statistics and answers

1. Statistics
2. Department Feedback
3. Specific customers activity
4. Personal customer opinions
5. Your business customers satisfaction
6. Trafic and online activity tracking
7. Specified problem areas

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