Get your own customer satisfaction-expert, Frederick
Which gives happier and more loyal customers, and thereby higher revenue

#2 By asking all your customers for their satisfaction, you make them feel valued

Your customers opinions is captured directly on yourWebsite or through E-mail, which is automatically sent to your customers after their purchase, or after their contact with your customer service.

#3 With insight into every customers satisfaction, the customer is activated in the direction that most benefits your sales

Are your customers Satisfied, then they are enabled to spread their satisfaction on media's of you choice, or make them do a Quick Feedback, as only the store can see.

If a customer is Unsatisfied, your customer will be sent directly to case creation through Biggrey, or they can make a Quick Feedback, as only the store can see. Should you do something, a message will be sent to you.

#4 With statistics and reporting, you always know which direction to go

All information is posted so you can see 1. Statistics 2. Section Feedback 3. Specific problem areas 4. Specific customer activities 5. Personal customer messages 6. Traffic and online activity tracking 7. Your business customer satisfaction

In this case, 87% choose to go to the hairdresser to the right

By showing your customer satisfaction on your website, a customer has no reason to shop anywhere else. It's not enough to know the customers are happy, it should be displayed and told, before others know it too.




Increased customer satisfaction from 89% to 94%
the revenue typically increases by 25% to 95%




 Full integration of Frederick™

 Complaint Alert 24/7

 Case Management

 Satisfaction Mails / Auto

 Satisfaction Mails / Manuel

 Connect Social Media

 Customer Feedback

 Statistics and Reporting

 Visible Customer Satisfaction

 Online Visibility

 Keywords via Biggrey


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Up to 31% more sales when showing your customer satisfaction

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