Guaranteed conversion growth of min. 5%, otherwise it's FREE!

Up to 31% higher conversion when showing your customer satisfaction.
Go from a customer satisfaction rate of 93% to 97%, revenue increases typically from 25% to 95%.

Customer activity without Biggrey is only one way
Website Your Customer No Knowledge of Satisfaction Social Media

Biggrey is in the middle between you, your customers, and the social media.
Different industries, different tracking

For the first time, you can now show your right customer satisfaction on your website, which is a extreme buying motivation for both old and new customers, and at the same time you have 100% insight into each customer's satisfaction.

Customer Activity

Capture your customers directly from your Website or through Email, which is automatically sent to your customers after their purchase, or after their contact with your customer service.

We also use your customer's activity from other media to calculate your business's exact customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback

Are your customers Satisfied, then we enable them to spread their satisfaction on media's of you choice, or make them do a Quick Feedback, as only the store can see.

If a customer is Unsatisfied, your customer will be sent directly to case creation through our system, or make them do a Quick Feedback, as only the store can see, so you can make them satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction and Reporting made Easy

1. Statistics 2. Section Feedback 3. Specific problem areas 4. Specific customer activities 5. Personal customer messages 6. Traffic and online activity tracking 7. Your business customer satisfaction

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Guaranteed conversion growth of min. 5%, otherwise it's FREE!
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