Happy? Be heard

Unhappy? Be heard

The Biggrey Certificate

Biggrey Relations for all your cases

Biggrey Relations is a case management platform for consumers. It allows you to submit return requests and warranty claims to stores all over the world.

On top of this you can submit a complaint about a certified store. It is completely free to use and it allows you to save and view all of your cases in one place.
Sign up and start using the system free of charge. 



Even if the store is located in another country where you don’t speak the local language, Biggrey is able to assist you. We will help you in your native language throughout the process regardless of the geographical location of the store.

The Biggrey Trust certificate

  • Encrypted credit card payments 
  • Support of cases worldwide
  • Consumer complaints service
  • No sale of replicas, counterfeit items 
  • Purchase protection up to 5,000 USD

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