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Satisfied consumers is the greatest success for any businesses. At Biggrey we always try to find new ways to improve our services to accommodate our consumers as much as possible. When it comes to buying things online, there is always a chance that the order is wrong or the product is broken and this is where our case management system comes in handy.

We provided it for free for consumers and the shops. However, all the Biggrey users have to have a Biggrey account. Once the account is created, case management system will be able to offer insights to all cases that consumer have filed recently or one year ago. Consumers can also use this system for the stores that are not Biggrey certified. The steps are easy; they have to invite the uncertified stores for the claim to be filed and the process to begin.

Everything that we propose at Biggrey is to make shopping easier and happier for our consumers and give stores an opportunity to grow and be trustworthy.

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