How to Create Cases

3/4/2016 3:17:37 PM Back
How to Create Cases

Biggrey wanted to make sure that our consumers use our services to the fullest extent. We wanted to demonstrated how to create cases against fraudulent stores. this blog contains step by step instruction to eliminate any confusion. 

 1. We would love for you to get a feel of all of our services but first things first, sign up and log in.


2. This is what your dashboard will look like every time you log-in. Next, click on create case button to get started.         


3. next page will ask you what type of business are you and choose appropriately.


4. You have to find the store that you want to create a case (The store doesn't have to be Biggrey Certified).           


5. you have to choose what type of case you want to create.


6. last but not least- start typing about your order. 


7. This is what it would look like when you have cases.



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