FAQ about Biggrey

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FAQ about Biggrey

I live in and near small villages that contain unique shops that may also have an online presence. These are small businesses where I can easily meet with the owner simply by stopping by. Do you feel printed material from your website is best suited for in-person introduction or utilizing an iPad/computer to show the potential client your short presentation on your website?

Biggrey provides materials to help our employees to transfer the correct information to the store owners. If you have a tablet or a small computer to bring when you are introducing Biggrey Trust would be the easiest way to show our website, videos, certificates, and other important information. We also provide scripts such as what to say when first contacting the store, setting up appointments, sending out invites, etc. However, you may use any approach as long as you get the correct message across.


When I visit a physical store and introduce Biggrey Trust and the owner would like some time to think about Biggrey or research your site before committing, what keeps them from signing up on their own and, therefore, bypass my introduction and signup bonus? 

Keep in mind that every store an employee signs to us, Biggrey pays them for that sign-up. There is no benefit to the store owners to sign up on their own. As sales affiliates, make sure that the store owners can trust that you will have their best interest. They need to know that you are there to assist them as much as possible. Store owners aren’t being charged a fee to consult with the you, therefore there is no reason to deny free help.


Does it matter what stores I sign up?

Biggrey wants to obtain as many stores as possible. We welcome everyone except fraudulent stores. This is where employees have to catch those stores before they sign up for our certificates. Also, we do not protect flower stores and purchases or a business that deals with any type of vehicles such as boats, cars, motorcycle, etc.

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