Our Mission at Biggrey

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Our Mission at Biggrey

Biggrey Trust is passionate about providing a safe in-store and online shopping experience for retail consumers locally and around the world regardless of language or location. We believe in bringing small businesses the opportunity to supply their products all around the world with less effort.


How we think and work

We believe in a solution based on an assessment of needs without setting up boundaries for what is possible. We continuously have to be part of the everyday lives of both consumers and the stores and always remember that we are all consumer regardless of which side of the counter we are on.

By listening to both parties and taking the inherent anxiety into account as an important factor, we have created a product that provides the following:


Faster and smoother handling of cases for both parties

Identical purchase conditions across the globe with purchase protection for consumers

The price for the service is so low that all stores can afford it


The result: A solution covering all the essentials that people need before deciding to commit to buying a product from a specific store. Providing everyone with 100% purchase protection. 

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