New Customers Sign-Up

8/18/2016 4:04:48 PM Back
New Customers Sign-Up

To sign up with Biggrey takes roughly 2 minutes but what you gain from it is a lifetime of safe shopping, experiences, and discovering new stores, restaurants, and other businesses.  Once customers sign up, they can access their profile page where reviews and pictures are posted. Any customer is able to search for stores in the area, get directions, working hours, and many other things. We decided to expand Biggrey community and let customers connect with others for better shopping tips, places to be, and . It is important for customers to tell us about their experiences, because it helps others make a decision to where to shop. We want customers to tell us about store employees, customer service, and products they carry, aura of the place and much more. 

Biggrey provides purchase protection that covers damaged products up to $5,000. Stores and customers can use Case Management system that helps both parties communicate if there is a problem with a product. It is a great system to use because it helps productivity 63% and reduces processing time by 72%. Other advantages in using this system is that its free forever and stores don’t have to be Biggrey certified. 
Stores can benefit by increasing their sale, traffic, and promote their business as new customers become loyal customers. We want both parties to enjoy the benefits we provide and see how exciting it is to be part of our community. Biggrey always strives to provide excellent customer service and make shopping safe and fun. 

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