Biggrey Provides 600 New Jobs in 2016

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 Biggrey Provides 600 New Jobs in 2016

Biggrey is excited to offer 600 new jobs in US and Europe in 2016. Biggrey trust is passionate about delivering a safe in store and online shopping experience for retail consumers locally and around the world regardless of language or location. We believe in bringing small businesses the opportunity to supply their products all around the world with less effort.

We are planning on hiring 600 new employees because we believe that Biggrey Sales Associates can be you, me and everybody else. We want to make it easier for candidates to apply for the position so we created an 8 question test that covers all the important aspects of our company. The sales Associates responsibilities would be calling the local stores, making business owners comfortable to trust our company and of course selling our product. You can read more about our services at

We also want to help our team so we assigned them to a personal manager. Because employees are most precious assets to our company, we only let the best managers in the world lead them. Managers are here to guide them in the right direction and provide the support that they need. As the business grows we don’t want to leave our employees unattended because everyone is important when it comes to the Biggrey family. We are so excited to start working with unique and talented employees so we can go and conquer the world together.



 Read more about the jobs on indeed or here

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