New and Exciting Updates!

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New and Exciting Updates!

We are thrilled to announce that Biggrey Trust has finally launched. We are always looking for new ways to improve our company and help customers share and promote their businesses. All the features that we offer to our customers is the same ones we would want for ourselves: easy to use, efficient, and fun. 

Since we have a large customer base, we have created an experience page where everyone can go and write their experiences at a place they shopped, dined or received other services. To be able to write an experience, they must first sign-up and create their personal account. Customers are able to design their profile as they wish because we want everyone to feel comfortable and excited. For more information check out this link-

Biggrey Trust reviews every store that signs up to be certified. We are doing this to prevent fraudulent stores from being part of our community. This procedure gives new and existing customers an opportunity to feel safe while shopping and they are protected by us. Click the link for more information: 

Consumers:   Business owners:


Customers using their profiles are able to connect with others, write experiences about a business, find new shops by using Biggrey Trust search. To keep things exciting we decided to create a Bigcoin contest for customers. How does it work? Well, every business that signs up with Biggrey trust automatically is part of Bigcoin contest. After a customer writes a review, they will be able to collect the Bigcoin on the businesses page. More coins customers collect the better their odds of winning. This also gives certified businesses opportunity to get out there and be discovered by other customers. It’s a win-win situation. Click the link to read more about how to win the Bigcoin contest. 

This is just the beginning of the new and improved Biggrey trust. We are looking forward to many positive changes that will leave customers fulfilled and pleased with Biggrey Trust.





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