Purchase Protection for Consumers

2/29/2016 4:31:12 PM Back
Purchase Protection for Consumers

Biggrey guarantees a free purchase protection up to $5,000 USD for the consumers if the store sells counterfeit goods labelled as genuine, fails to deliver product, handle valid warranty claims or return request, and fails to pay back the money. The rules apply to stores all over the world -online or physical.

How does the process work: If a consumer suffers an economic loss on a purchase as a result of a Biggrey certified store failing to comply with terms and conditions, then the consumers purchase protection will apply. Once the consumer submits a complaint against a Biggrey certified store it will be handled by Biggey. All correspondence will be between the store and Biggrey, consumer can sit back, relax and let us work the magic. However, if Biggrey and the store fail to reach an agreement within 30 days, then you will receive a refund from us for the full amount up to $5,000 USD.

Once the case is solved, the refund money will be transferred back to your account within 48 hours. Biggrey will send out an email to the consumers just in case we require additional information. After the case is closed, the store will receive a warning from Biggrey, and if the noncompliance continues, then the store will lose its certification.  You can read about our rules and regulations click here

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