Safe Shopping With Biggrey Trust

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Safe Shopping With Biggrey Trust

Shopping online has replaced bricks and mortar for many years. Why? because of the convenience, cost savings, variety of products to buy only few mouse clicks away.  If you have the right tools to shop online, it is most likely you will not get scammed and Biggrey provides those right tools to shop for our customers. 

To have a safe online shopping day, you should avoid clicking on fishy looking websites or hyperlinks in your email, never give up your social security number, make sure your card has identity theft protection. However, using Biggrey you don’t have to worry about those things. We check every store that has been signed up or is in the process of doing so. We try to eliminate such problems for our customers. 

Biggrey has created store requirements that need to be fulfilled to be certified with Biggrey. Those requirement include:  Valid business registration, ohone or e-mail contact to the store, encrypted payment by payment cards, receipt with company information, visible prices on all products, and a visible opening hours. We take our job seriously when it comes to fraudulent stores acting as a valid stores. 

How do customers know if the store is Biggrey certified or not? Once a business is accepted, they will have a Biggrey certified logo on their webpage or in a physical store. Visible credibility is the key to more sales. 

Businesses benefit for being a trusted store by always having customers come back for more purchases because they trust the store has their best interest. Also creating new customers and making them a long term shoppers which leads to increased sales. Allowing customers to write reviews about a product or a service that was provided by your business helps others realize that this is a trusted store which again leads to increased sales plus new customers. As an online shopper, some customers love the product that the business carries but the customers don’t trust the store which means the sales never increase. You don’t want to be that business, so join Biggrey and become a trusted store.

Shopping online is so much enjoyable, however, you have to protect yourself from fraudulent stores. With BIggrey certificate, businesses become a safest place to shop on Earth. 

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