Shopify Plus

3/2/2016 7:32:27 PM Back
Shopify Plus

Shopify has launched Shopify Plus, an enterprise e-commerce platform for online stores and brands. According to Shopify Plus, they offer “enterprise-grade selling capabilities without the hassles and hefty price tag of traditional enterprise applications”. 

This platform is very flexible, affordable, and processes billions of dollars per year. They also provide 200 TB of storage and 7000+ cpu cores. Consumers have the ability to sell products to all major social networks that help in customer engagement, increase in sales, and brand awareness. Just like Neil Waller, the Co-Founder of Shore Projects, implied that “the fact that everything links up gives us an impressively slick operation”.

One of the most impressive things that Shopify Plus has achieved is launching the platform in weeks rather than months. Knowing how successful Shopify is, there is no doubt that the team wouldn’t make it within few weeks. Shopify has offered 24/7 live support for those newbies that are starting a startup business or want to improve the way the business is being handled.

We support Shopify because we believe that we are similar especially when it comes to taking care of customers and offering new ways to eliminate headache and hassle. We provide affordable consumer protection program, and offer our Case Management System for free. We want to see our stores succeed and our customers to be satisfied with a big smile. Biggrey wants to push our customers to achieve bigger goals with our help.


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