Case Management vs. Biggrey Certificates

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Case Management vs. Biggrey Certificates

We have created our custom Case Management System for in store and online consumers. It is a simple system that is easy to use and available in different languages. This system also comes with other amazing features that will help you stay organized and be on top of your cases. It doesn’t matter how many cases you have, all of them will be managed in one place. As the resolved cases get pushed down on the list, you can always track and access your history at any time. Case Management System allows store owners and consumers to communicated with each other including the case updates. You can always share cases with the suppliers. Case Management System increases productivity 63% and reduces process time by 72%. Other advantages in using this system is that its free forever and isn’t necessary to be certified.


Biggrey Trust certificates deliver trust for the consumers. We offer three different types of certificates: essential, premium, and ultimate. Each plan has different option all depending on how much sales a business makes a year. If a store becomes certified, Biggrey promotes to increase sales by 30% and that’s just one of the benefits. Approval process takes 72 hours because we don’t want to support fraudulent stores. Once that’s done, online store will obtain an elephant logo that can be placed anywhere on the website, and physical stores get an elephant sticker that comes with other colors to match your business theme.

Each plan provides different number of keywords that you can use to find your store on Biggrey search box. When a consumer is looking for “black jeans or a coffee table”, your store would come up for viewing because those words are your picked keywords.  Biggrey decided to allow store owners to have their own custom page with all the information. This includes service hours, phone number, address with a map, manager or owner picture, online shop address, ratings and much more. In store or online businesses can design their page however they wish.


Biggrey loves and takes care of our consumers and employees. We are here to make you smile.


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