"Now imagine, that your store is already certified"


More Trust...   Better Service...   Increased Sales... 


1. Your store is the safest place to shop on Earth

No one can say that they are more trustworthy than your store. When you are Biggrey Certified, your store is the safest place to shop compared to other stores out there. 

We know that you won’t froud your customers, but how do new customers know that for a fact? With the Biggrey Certification you show both locally and globally that your store is the one to trust. Even if the customers aren't familiar with your store they know they can trust the elephant.

62% of all consumers are looking for trusted stores before they purchase anything from that store.



2. You offer 5,000 USD in purchase protection

Anybody who shops in your store is protected up to 5,000 USD, as long as the product is under warranty. As a Biggrey Certified store you create the trust bond with customers showing you provide excellent service and resolve cases quickly.

If any misunderstanding has occurred, we help consumers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, French, German, and Chinese. We are here to please your customers to increase your sales.

Up to 20% of consumers leave the store, online or physical, without buying the product that they came for because they want to go where they feel more secure and comfortable.



3. You show that you are certified and we tell it

It is important to show visitors, locals and tourists that you are a Biggrey Certified store. Showing our certificate online or in stores displays trust for new customers. On the Biggrey website we help you set up a presentation page that has all the essential information about your business. We also link your store page to the search engines so other consumers can easily discover your store. 



4. You reach more customers both locally and globally

Customers will be able to search the store names, category of products, and different brands. When the specific search matches the stores information or the keywords they will show up on the suggested list for the customer.

Biggrey will guide new customers towards your store when the categories you chose describes your business. There is no limit on how many customers your store can receive.

The longer the store has been certified, the higher it will rank when a consumer searches for the precise product. With our upcoming app, online shoppers can find your store more easily. We use the customer’s location status to direct them towards the closest stores that carry the searched product.



5. Excellent xperiences = more smiling customers

On the stores presentation page your customers can rate your store automatically. You can also send an email with an attached link to rate your business. All the Experiences are visible on your store's presentation page for new customers to observe.







6. Local or global sales - handle them in your language

Optional - You can use the Biggrey Customer Case Management System (CMS) for customers in-store and online when they file warranty or return claims for your store.

All cases are automatically reviewed so nothing gets overlooked and you know when to respond.

Not only can you share your cases with your suppliers, both you and your customers can share documents, pictures and videos without you touching your email or a piece of paper again. And of course, it saves everything automatically so you can keep track of all your case history. Read more about the Biggrey Customer Case Management System. 


Show that you are a shop with excellent services and get more customers.
At the same time we work for your stores sales results.


$5000 Purchase Protection

Global Consumer Coverage

Custom Webpage

CMS Integration (optional)

Free Keywords

SEO - Keywords Indexing 

Local Exposure 

Global Exposure 

Application (Refund if denied)

Price Per Linked Customer

Max amount/mo


Pay Per Customer


299 USD

0.28 USD

50 USD

0.00 USD - Apply now



299 USD

0.00 USD

0,00 USD

24.95 USD - Apply now



299 USD

0.00 USD

0.00 USD

44.95 USD - Apply now

We look forward to creating results with you

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