Online In Stores Employees


#1 Ask all your employees through e-mails with optional intervals

How are your employees doing?
How is the environment at work?


#2 Ask all your employees about their day

Your employees satisfactions are tracked, through an Android tablet or a Biggrey In Store Smiley Stand.

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#3 What would you like to ask your employees about?

Your employees can in addition to give their satisfaction via Smileys, also click on one of the 4 reasons you give your employees in relation to their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Ask a cross of departments and physical locations

Accurate tracking of employee satisfaction from all the In Store Smiley stands you will.

160T USD in productivity annually, is the difference between a happy and a neutral employee

1. Statistics
2. Department Feedback
3. Personal Opinions
4. Your Employee Satisfaction
5. Specified Problem Areas

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Satisfaction E-mails

Send satisfaction e-mails automatically to all your employees. Can also be sent manually.


You will achieve
31% higher productivity │ Higher results │ The best environment

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