Collect shopping experiences via text messages and you will increase the ability to get customer reviews

Text messages can run completely automatically or completely manually. Normally, they are sent out when the customer experience is complete.

Collect shopping experiences via email, so you know if your customer has opened and responded

Emails can run completely automatically or completely manually. Sent the email right after a purchase or make a delay.

With Biggrey, satisfied customers become valuable reviews and posts!

Biggrey helps your customers to share their positive online reviews - making your business more visible every time.

If a customer makes an unsatisfied review Biggrey gives you a unique opportunity to turn the customers purchase experience into a positive review.

Visible customer satisfaction, also on your website, gives immediate confidence and new customers

If you want, Biggrey shows your overall customer satisfaction on your website..

You can add a Biggrey widget that calculates your average customer satisfaction, from which your customers can review your business. win win!


1. Statistics
2. Feedback
3. Social Media - Activity
4. Review Sites - Activity
5. Personal Customer Opinions
6. Customer Satisfaction Score

Your customers do all the work, just enjoy more new customers finding your business on the best web sites - The world's best advertising... for free!

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