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#1 Visible Customer Satisfaction Makes More People Shop

Your customers opinions is being collected, through your website, app or e-mails, which is then automatically send to your your customers, after their purchase, or after having been in contact with your customers service. You can also, easily collect opinions from your own mails.

Click rate up to 16% - and up to 31% more sales by visible customer satisfaction

#2 With insight in each customers satisfaction, you’re activating the customer into the right direction

If your customers are happy, they’re being activated into spreading their satisfaction on media by your choosing, or submit Quick Feedback, that only the store can see.

If a customer is unhappy they are being send directly to the Biggrey system, where they can submit a case, which can be compared to a complaint. By complaing through Biggrey, your customers wish for expressing themselves to a third party is being met, but the complating is not being shown on social media or review sites, like it does today, because the customers doesn’t have that possibility. They can also submit Quick Feedback that only the store can see.

#3 With statistics and reports, you also know which way to go

1. Statistics
2. Department Feedback
3. Specific customers activity
4. Personal customer opinions
5. Your business customers satisfaction
6. Trafic and online activity tracking
7. Specified problem areas

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Satisfaction E-mail

Automated satisfaction e-mails to all your customers, or you can send them manually through Biggrey or from your own email system. Click rate up to 37% with automated email sending through Biggrey.



You will achieve
Higher customer satisfaction │ More customers │ More positive reviews

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