And what is your customer satisfaction really in%? Yawn ...
Go from a customer satisfaction rate of 93% to 97%, your revenue increases from 25 to 95%.

Now it gets interesting, because we have made it easy for you!

And what does these numbers mean...? it is an example of a web shop's customer satisfaction in % where something has gone wrong in February.

Social influence

Are your customers satisfied? enable them to spread their satisfaction on media's you choose.

Is a customer dissatisfied, your customer will sent directly to case creation through our system so you can make them satisfied.

Service and customer needs

You ask automatically your customer whether they were satisfied or dissatisfied.

You ask through, website support, email, delivery emails and so on. You insert the customer satisfaction symbols where your customers are most active.

Get the complete picture of your customer satisfaction

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Biggrey Integration

Biggrey 24/7 alert

Case Management System

Customer Satisfaction

Annual Customers

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More than 5000 annually 

59 USD


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