Where, when, and why are your customers satisfied or dissatisfied?

Your customers opinions is being collected, through a Android tablet or a Biggrey In Store Smiley Stand.


Live Test

Ask about the customers satisfaction, individually, from all the In Store Smiley Stands you need

Customers can, in addition to giving their satisfaction via Smileys, also click on one of the 4 reasons, you give the customer in relation to their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Add, edit or move around

Accurate tracking of customer satisfaction from all the places you want.

Click rate up to 41%

With statistics and reports, you also know which way to go

1. Statistics
2. Department Feedback
3. Specific customers activity
4. Personal customer opinions
5. Your business customers satisfaction
6. Trafic and online activity tracking
7. Specified problem areas

Frederick makes it all talk together
In Store or Online Customer Satisfaction, or both at once

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