We know our customers and their satisfaction

"Biggrey helps us get more and faster conversions, and we have 100% control over our customer satisfaction. We can see every day what is good or bad and react quickly. Earlier, one had to wait until you got a bad review online, or send questionnaires before you got an insight into the users and customer opinions"

Jonas Hansen, Co-founder RebateApp


Biggrey gives us the peace of mind in our work

"It is great with Biggrey, which we actively use. As something new we have integrated it into our IT products. By doing that we know that all consumers who uses a Buildglobal certified craftsman have the opportunity to express themselves, as well as get a precise picture of their customer satisfaction"

Anders Byrialsen, Co-founder of BuildGlobal


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 In Store Smiley Program

 In Store Smiley Stand

 Full integration of Frederick

 Complaint Alert 24/7

 Case Management

 Satisfaction Emails/Auto

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 Connect Social Media

 Customer Feedback

 Statistics and Reporting

 Visible Customer Satisfaction


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 6,000 Annually

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 18,000 Annually

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