Biggrey Relations - case management

Save huge amounts of time using our free Case Management System! A simple and intuitive interface that will help you manage all of your cases in one place, in any language and from any part of the world!

Use Biggrey Relations for free

Included in every Biggrey plan, Biggrey Relations is a free case management system: Providing you and your customers with all the benefits no matter where they are.

Important note for EU online sales! The European Union requires that web shops give their customers the opportunity to submit claims and complaints online - and link to the European Union's new ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) website.

Your web shop will be in compliance with EU regulations when using Biggrey Relations.

Case management for you and your customers

Multiple Languages. You don’t have to speak your customer’s language.

You can share cases with your suppliers

Email service to your customers with case updates

History and tracking on all cases

Handle as many stores as you like from one single platform

Increase your sales in PHILADELPHIA

Local and global consumer protection
Show that your store is making a difference

Purchase protection for all of your customers up to 5,000 USD - just one of the many benefits

Global store presentation and rating of all Biggrey Trusted certified stores


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Locally in Philadelphia, Regionally and Internationally

Benefits for you and your customers transcending language and geographical borders.

100% safe shopping in your store


Local and global trust program


Cross-border purchase protection

Reach new customers when they search for stores


Reduce overhead from customer service inquiries



Increase your sales locally and internationally


Increase your store's trustworthiness


Decrease time spent on case handling

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Biggrey Trust Certification

Attaining the Biggrey Certification is the only way for a legitimate and professional store to provide local and global consumer protection.

Make people buy more and increase sales

Become Biggrey Trust certified

Offer a 5,000 USD purchase protection

Collect and show seller ratings

People easily find you with your chosen keywords

Questions? +1 800 660 9395

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