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Torben Linnet, 34, founder and CEO

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Our Mission

Biggrey is passionated about providing knowledge about customer satisfaction in-stores and online for retail businesses locally and around the world regardless of language or location.

We believe in bringing businesses the opportunity to sell their products with less effort.


Meaning Behind the Biggrey Elephant

It is said that elephants in Asia represent wisdom, strength, honor, and loyalty. In Hindu, elephants are known as Ganesha which is god of luck, fortune, and protection. With all those great traits this is how our company got the name Biggrey.

We wanted to create a logo that had all the aspects of big, stable, strong animal; elephant fit our description. According to “animal ways” by Ruth Binney, elephants are seen as chiefs who settle disputes among other creatures.

This is where we see ourselves, helping consumers or any stores that have issues with purchases. We are sweet and caring but we can be aggressive and sharp when it’s needed. Biggrey loves all its consumers and the store owners that trust in Biggrey so much, we will always protect and take care of them.


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Biggrey Associates are free people

We want to build a safe place to shop all over the world, by doing so we have to provide and gain trust from our consumers.

Biggrey can be compare to Airbnb, an online website that allows you to list houses without the agents fees, or as an Uber driver who set their own working hours. We provide this freedom for our consumers and the store owners. 


The freedom of work

A Biggrey Sales Associate can be you, me, and everybody else. We believe that the best way to convey consumer protection is through the consumers themselves.

Sales Associates are responsible for contacting the stores, conveying information, and selling Biggrey certificates.

Work with freedom. A Biggrey Sales Associate can work from anywhere and have the freedom. They have there own privat workspace online. So with internat and a tablet, the world is just waiting for them. 



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