We form good relationships between the consumers and the stores. Everything we do is to create comfort and make new opportunities


We focus on both consumers and the stores. Always remember that we are all consumer regardless of which side of the counter we are on


It's all about our people and their trust. Providing freedom to our loyal consumers without any concern or worry is our goal

Our mission

Biggrey Trust is passionate about providing a safe in-store and online shopping experience for retail consumers locally and around the world regardless of language or location.

We believe in bringing small businesses the opportunity to supply their products all around the world with less effort.

How we think and work

We believe in a solution based on an assessment of needs without setting up boundaries for what is possible. We continuously have to be part of the everyday lives of both consumers and stores and always remember that we are all consumer regardless of which side of the counter we are on.


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We want to learn everyday

Besides all the amazing Biggrey employees, we have a fantastic advisory board. We have people from all kinds of different industries and from diverse parts of the world.

We want to be the best

And that demands the best people. Every day we challenge ourselves to improve our business any way possible. We progress in things that will make a huge difference in the end for the consumers and the stores.  In our world changes will occur in order to remain in today’s ever-changing atmosphere. Good thing about Biggrey is that we are prepared for those changes, we are part of the people so we offer our services the way that the people want it and demand it.

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