Case Management for Retailers Made Simple

Save huge amounts of time using our customer Case Management System for in-store and online shops.

A simple and intuitive interface that will help you manage all of your cases in one place - in any language and from anywhere in the world!

On an average a business makes $1000 USD per day from sales, in which 30% of the time is wasted on handling claims. With Biggrey that means that  you go from spending 300 USD worth of time on claims to only spending 84 USD. That saves the store 216 USD worth of sales time per day!

Increase productivity by 68%
Reduce processing time by 72%
Stop wasting time and money


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Biggrey Relations is a free customer Case Management System for retailers: allowing you and your customers to enjoy efficient customer care from anywhere in the word.

Important note for EU online sales! The European Union requires that web shops give their customers the opportunity to submit claims and complaints online - and link to the European Union's new ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) website.

Your web shop will be in compliance with EU regulations when using Biggrey Relations.

Case management for you and your customers

Multiple Languages. You don’t have to speak your customer’s language.

You can share cases with your suppliers

Email service to your customers with case updates

History and tracking on all cases

Handle as many stores and cases as you like from one single platform

Cases Manage Themselves in the Cloud

All cases are automatically reviewed, so nothing gets overlooked and you know when to respond.

Not only can you share your cases with your suppliers, both you and your customers can share documents, pictures and videos without you touching your email or a piece of paper again. And of course, it saves everything automatically so you can keep track of all your case history.




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