Collect customer experiences with Biggrey Trust

Excellent experiences = More customers

On the store's presentation page your customers can rate your store automatically. You can also email customers through the Biggrey site. All the experiences are visible on your store's presentation page for new customers to observe. 

You reach more customers

Customers will be able to search by store names, category of products, and different brands. When the specific search matches the stores information or the keywords they will show up on the suggested list for the customer.

We help people find your store

We are showing your store and reviews on search engines, social medias, and our site to direct new people to your online and physical store.  

Social and Search Engine visibility

Be visible with your reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. We help you connect your store.

Increase traffic and conversion

The more reviews you get the more new customers you attract. Increase your sales with Biggrey -  Reach more traffic locally and globally.

Here's your chance to get closer to your customers


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